Some of the biggest names in entertainment industry were Wonsal, Gershowitz, Bulsara, Beilin, Konigsberg. Don’t recognize any of them? Perhaps you are more familiar with the Anglicized versions: Warner, Gershwin, Mercury, Berlin, and Allen?

Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, and Ralph Bellamy in a promotional picture for the film “His Girl Friday”. Photo: Pixabay.

After my last article on the music industry’s celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, I was invited…

And how the music industry can do better

Michelle Branch performs in a concert. Photo: Getty Images

The perception of us as Asians who happen to be in America, as opposed to Asian Americans, is so deeply rooted that even well-meaning efforts like Asian American and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month features put their foot in it.

Now that we’ve wrapped up AAPI Heritage Month, I want to…

On my way to a music conference with my signature flowery dress and hat.

#1 Where are you *really* from?

“Where are you from?” asked the elderly British gentleman seated next to me.

We were at a music conference in Los Angeles. Expecting a modicum of political correctness when attending business functions, I was mildly annoyed at the question.

“Canada,” I replied with a smile.

“But where is your family…

Why is this country still treating African Americans so poorly? How can it be that “the land of the free” can so easily disregard freedom of its own people? Inertia. Sadly simple.

For most of us, lighter-skinned individuals, it is too easy to go back to “normal” life when the…

A small African democracy shows the Western World a thing or two about leadership and organization in controlling a pandemic

Grandma showing me around her favorite hawker stalls in Mauritius, circa 2014. She can’t wait to get out of confinement to take the bus and walk the streets again.


The tiny island nation of Mauritius — my homeland — has been hit hard by the Coronavirus. …

Sherry-Lynn Lee

LA-based writer, artist, producer who used to be a Silicon Valley engineer. Mauritian, Canadian.

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