Powerful ways to be anti-racists.

How do you tackle institutionalized racism that was the very foundation of this capitalist democracy?

1. Business incentives to stand up against injustice.

A template for calling out CEOs and companies who are ignoring the protests:

2. Incentives to support minority-owned businesses.

3. Use your privilege to provide safety for voices that need to be heard.

4. Accept that you’re conditioned to be racist, and work to unlearn at work, at home, on the streets.

  • Black people are shown fewer properties than whites when shopping for real estate.
  • Black/latino find it harder to get approved for mortgages, even when their credit scores are higher than their white counterparts.
  • Healthcare providers are less likely to deliver effective treatments to people of color when compared to their white counterparts — even after controlling for characteristics like class, health behaviors, comorbidities, and access to health insurance and health care services. For example, one study of 400 hospitals in the United States showed that black patients with heart disease received older, cheaper, and more conservative treatments than their white counterparts. Black patients were less likely to receive coronary bypass operations and angiography. After surgery, they are discharged earlier from the hospital than white patients — at a stage when discharge is inappropriate. The same goes for other illnesses. Black women are less likely than white women to receive radiation therapy in conjunction with a mastectomy. In fact, they are less likely to receive mastectomies. Perhaps more disturbing is that black patients are more likely to receive less desirable treatments. The rates at which black patients have their limbs amputated is higher than those for white patients. Additionally, black patients suffering from bipolar disorder are more likely to be treated with antipsychotics despite evidence that these medications have long-term negative effects and are not effective.
  • African Americans and Asians get more interviews when they “mask” their race from their resumes and appear more white.

5. Vote to elect fair governments.




LA-based writer, artist, producer who used to be a Silicon Valley engineer. Mauritian, Canadian. www.23rdhr.com

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Sherry-Lynn Lee

Sherry-Lynn Lee

LA-based writer, artist, producer who used to be a Silicon Valley engineer. Mauritian, Canadian. www.23rdhr.com

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